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By using Limitless inks , in any way, you agree that you have read this agreement and understand it and that you agree to be bound by what it contains.

The blog provides the ability to comment on the content published in it. As a user, you are entitled to participate in commenting, but do not publish any content that may be harmful, illegal, offensive, inciting, vulgar or otherwise inappropriate.

You are solely responsible for the comments you share.

The intellectual property rights of comments remain yours. However, the owner of the blog has the right to reuse comments in any activity related to the blog without the need to request prior permission from the comment owner, provided that the name of the comment owner is mentioned and the comment is not modified in a way that leads to misinterpretation.

Commenting on the blog is done under your full name, but you can use a pseudonym instead, but not to impersonate someone or entity.

Mentioning your real email address when commenting, the blog undertakes not to use this email in any activity except.

  • It is preferable to mention your real email address when commenting. The blog is committed to not using this email for any activity other than personal correspondence. And it is committed not to share your email with any third party without your prior permission. You are kindly requested not to alter or adapt the blog and not to use it in any illegal or other ways that may harm or disrupt the blog.

  • The goal of collecting this data is to improve the level of service. The blog may share this data with third parties without linking it to your personal identity.

  • This agreement may change from time to time as deemed appropriate for the goal of the blog, so I ask you to review it and comply with what it contains a disclaimer of liability.

  • The presence of advertisements for products or services and promotional links does not mean my endorsement of them and I do not provide any quality guarantees about them.

  • The blog presents reviews of services and websites. Some of these reviews may be paid and some may be free.

  • I may earn a specific commission in case of your subscription or purchase from an affiliate link. I write these reviews based on the information that I have collected and I am not responsible for the accuracy of these reviews

  •  I also post blog posts that contain self-portraits of individuals based on communication or articles between us, but despite any certificates or documents that indicate their level and abilities, I do not guarantee the accuracy of 100%, and any errors are the responsibility of their owners.

 I do not take any responsibility for any damage that may result from not applying some of the instructions correctly